Happy 5th!


So, I failed to blog for Jeffrey’s birthday and the 4th of July this past week so here is me trying to catch up. 🙂

Jeffrey’s birthday was this past Tuesday and even though he still had to work, he was at least able to work from home.  Unfortunately we didn’t do much other than eat a great gluten free breakfast and lunch (I only had to go to three different grocery stores to get all of the stuff) and then went out to a really cool restaurant for dinner.  I have to say, before then, I’ve never been to a restaurant where you cook your own meal  at the table but at least it was pretty good stuff.  Trey was very insistent on what he wanted to get Jeffrey for his birthday.  It was pretty cute because Trey usually just goes along with what I plan but the popcorn maker was all him.  (He’s getting so big!  sniff, sniff)  I went the boring route and just got him a new wallet.  In my defense he really needed a new one….especially since his old one had more than one encounter with the washer.  🙂

You would think that since we live in Boston now we would have a great story about how we spent our 4th of July this year.  Sorry to disappoint but….yeah.  We were hesitant to fight the crowds and didn’t even consider staying out for the fireworks because if you knew the way our child keeps an eye on the time when it comes to bed time you would understand.  We did take advantage of the Sunday lunch special at a great little sushi place and then made a trip down the street to the ice cream shop.  Best of all we finished out the day with another awesome service at the church we have been visiting.

Jeffrey had the day off today so we thought of heading downtown to take advantage of some of the 4th of July activities still happening today but decided it was way to hot.  Instead we decided on a cooler activity and finally made it to a theatre to see Toy Story 3.  After that we went for a  quick walk through the commons to ride the swan boats and have some lunch before catching the T and heading back.  The heat wasn’t so bad in the shade and I was able to admire God’s handiwork in all of the beautiful birds, trees and flowers while spending some time with my guys.  Yeah, today was a good day.


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