Not much


I don’t have much to say other than we are super excited about the church that we tried last night.  It’s not quite as easy to find a church up here in Boston as it is down South so it was great when we ran across this place.  Hopefully it will stay that way!

Although I don’t have much to write about I do have some pics to share.  Enjoy!

Making cookies with the Star Wars cookie cutters and apron Coco sent us!

Our Star Wars and Robot cookies….we only have a few dozen!  Too bad we don’t have any icing to decorate with.

The first pic is of Jeffrey and Trey at a birthday party Saturday

The next needs a little explanation…Trey loves the show Wipeout.  He drew his own “wipeout zone”, used Sorry pieces to represent different Super Mario Brothers characters, and wrote the teams times at the top.  It’s probably only funny to Jeffrey and me but I still had to put it up.  It made us both laugh.  🙂


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