There are some really neat things to do up here in Boston.  We haven’t even really done any of the great stuff yet but Trey is still having tons of fun.  He is scootering all over this city and we have found some great places to play.  Last week Trey and I made a trip to Jeffrey’s office for lunch and to met all of the people he works with.  One of his co-workers was talking about the waterplay parks.  I knew they had lots all over the city but she gave us the idea to go to one by the Boston Science Museum with a wade pool, fountain and playground.  It’s right on the Charles River and they clean it out every night (which made me super happy).  Trey thought we had found the best fountain ever.  There’s a bigger one somewhere….I just have to figure out where it is and getting around up here is not one of my strengths.  The other day I asked someone for directions on the T and she said, “You are from the South aren’t you?”  Between Trey calling everyone “ma’am” and my accent I guess it’s that obvious, but I’m okay with that.  🙂


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