Park Time


Since we arrived Saturday night here in Brookline, I think we’ve gone to or stopped by the park every single day.  What else do we have to do but unpack, right?  We’ve had some adventures wondering around the city.  We can walk to pharmacies, grocery stores, shops, parks, Trey’s school and tons of restaurants.  I have learned two very important things: 1) practical shoes are better than cute ones 2) Trey does much better going places if he’s on his scooter.  The first day we went out Trey asked “Can’t we just take the car!?”  It’s got to be frustrating to a six year old who really is use to jumping in the car to go EVERYWHERE since he was born.

I don’t have many pictures yet simply because my camera is quite large and it isn’t really practical to carry it around with me everywhere.  I did take it with me on our trip to the park today.  Jeffrey is fortunate enough to have a job that will let him work from home several days a week…which we LOVE!  He is here today and Trey has been pretty good but just to give Jeffrey some quiet time we went out for a bit.  Here are some pics from the park!

He was so excited to play he hadn’t gotten his helmet off yet.

(The park we went to today is about a 2 min walk from our new place!)

Tire swings are everywhere around here

These monkey bars were pretty tricky (and high) so he was super proud of conquering them


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