Saying So Long


Last week Trey and I said goodbye to all things Auburn for quite a while.  Who knows when we will make it back but we do still own a house there….I the mean time we are very much enjoying some extra time with our families here in Guntersville.

Last week was a super busy week for us.  Trey enjoyed his last week of school and graduation, playing in the sprinklers, his soccer party at Mellow Mushroom, and none of us enjoyed the craziness of packing, cleaning and getting the house ready for our renters.  (By the way, we got out house rented out for a year!)  We were thankful to have Doc and Cece there to help and Jeffrey’s family was there for Trey’s graduation and to help pack some boxes when the movers called to say they would be showing up sooner than expected.

Trey and the sprinklers and Trey being silly at his soccer party

My adorable parents and the Mellow Mushroom soccer team

We had to get pictures at the sign!  Trey and I had a picture taken here while Jeffrey was in his interview for the job in Auburn so (since we happened to be walking by) we got one before we left

I’m still anxious about the movers considering our stuff is still on the way and we are having trouble getting in touch with anyone.  I find myself saying way too often “it will be okay, this will be over soon” even though we did find out yesterday the car wouldn’t be ready when promised so it will be another two weeks before Trey and I make it to Boston and get to see Jeffrey.  I’m just trying to stay positive and enjoy all the time I can get with our families. 🙂


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