Trey graduated from kindergarten this week and I couldn’t be more proud of my little guy.  He has LOVED school this year and thanks to his amazing school and teachers, has learned so much.  (If anyone is looking for a great preschool/kindergarten Indian Pines is the place to go!)  Thankfully it looks like he is taking after Jeffrey when it comes to academics.

I know I say it all the time but it’s so hard to believe how big Trey is getting.  He’ll be in first grade up in Boston…eeekkk!  I think part of me is having a hard time with that one because this past week, after we got a place next to a great school, I starting considering home schooling again.  I know, a little bit of an overreaction but still….

Trey is such a blessing and I am loving every minute of watching him grow and learn…and I love that I know that will never change.  God did such a good job with him!

He was pretty proud.  We had to wait for him to open up his “diploma” to take the pic

I had to get just a few more pictures in front of his school before we said goodbye!

Trey with Grandaddy (Jeffrey’s grandfather)

Trey with Jeffrey’s parents and sister


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