Good times…


Last night Trey and I headed over to Birmingham for the evening to meet up with my friend Bekah from college. Unfortunately we only seem to see each other once a year and now that we’re moving to Boston that may change…but I sure hope not.  It was so wonderful to get to hang out with her for a while.  Bekah is so sweet and has been a great friend to me over the years and I’m really excited that there will be a baby Parr in December!

We decided to go to Stix for dinner and Trey LOVED the show.  He’s never been to a hibachi restaurant before.  I was slightly worried he might get scared but he thought it was hilarious.  Afterwards Bekah took us to a place called Yogurt Mountain.  If you’re ever over by Whole Foods in Birmingham you should check it out.  They have at least ten different flavors of frozen yogurt and 30 or so toppings to choose from.  You get as much of whatever you want and pay by the ounce….very yummy!

It was such a beautiful evening and I am glad we got to see Bekah one more time before heading up North.

Hanging out at Yogurt Mountain

Our awesome frozen yogurt….can you guess which one is Trey’s?

So, the pic at the restaurant didn’t work very well, but I just had to put it up anyways


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