A Big Thank You!


In the midst of all the moving, Mother’s Day and car wreck chaos, I forgot to thank all of the people who helped us out this past weekend.  I’m sure I have mentioned before how absolutely amazing our Sunday School class is.  There are some wonderful couple in there and we will truly miss them.  Since they found out we would be moving I have been overwhelmed with offers of help and I took them up on it!  We were able to take a truck load of furniture back to Guntersville on Saturday due to some help from some guys from church and a few other friends.  Thanks guys for your time and thanks to the wives who were willing to give their husbands up for a couple of hours to help us out!

We also had a few friends and family help unload the truck in Guntersville which we could not have done without.  By the time we made it to Guntersville we were exhausted and never would have made it without the extra help.

And a final thank you to both my parents and Jeffrey’s who helped load, unload, let me throw their houses into a state of chaos, and all showed up to help when I called for help after the car wreck.  My parents even drove me back to Auburn Monday night….since I was carless.

Once again, I am truly blessed to have all of the loving, caring people in my life who really will do just about anything for us!  God is good….all the time!

(Sorry, no pictures.  I meant to get a pic of Trey in the rental truck….he loved it!  I forgot)


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