Fun Times


Although I have been super busy lately with packing, finding somewhere to live up north and all of Trey’s activities, I am staying positive.  It makes things much easier!  🙂  I am just focusing on the here and now.  Yes, I am looking forward to moving up to Boston to be with Jeffrey, but I am enjoying spending time with Trey more than you can imagine.  Trey is also helping me stay positive with his adorable little comments about how the days, rain, trees and everything else God has made is so “beautiful.”  This morning I got up thinking “yuck, storms”  and Trey said “God made such a beautiful rainy day.”  That can change your perspective pretty quickly.

Anyway, last week Cece (my mom) and Nana (my grandmother) came and stayed with us for a few days.  We were suppose to be packing, and we did some, but mostly I just enjoyed the company.  I tried to convince them to stay a little longer but after five days away from my dad, mom was ready to get back home.  They’re so sweet.

Trey and Cece eating lunch-Trey’s favorite, ham sandwich with cheese, mustard and apples

Little guy is having so much fun playing soccer!


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