My Little Guy is 6!


It’s so hard to believe that my little boy is 6 years old….and yet he is!  Jeffrey and I have been so blessed these past six years to have Trey in our lives.  I am so grateful to God for my sweet, kind-hearted son.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not very good with words, but you guys get the gist….he’s awesome!  Just get prepared for lots of pics…

Trey’s birthday was so much fun….even for me.  We started off the day with the little present I got him.  He seemed pretty pleased with my picks.  If you’ve never seen Ugly Dolls, they’re pretty cute.

Next we headed to Panera for a birthday breakfast.  Trey loves their pumpkin bread but decided to go with a HUGE cinnamon roll for a change.  We ate, read some of his Uglyverse books, and talked to Daddy on the phone.  (all the while trying to ignore the arguing divorced couple sitting next to us!)  Then we headed to school with cupcakes and favors for Trey’s first party of the day.

After school the two of us headed straight to Birmingham for Trey’s first surprise of the day.  Everywhere we went people made a big deal out of his birthday (due to the rather larger “birthday jedi knight” button on his shirt).    We went to the Galleria and rode the carousel with the token I’ve had in my wallet for a year now and the guy played birthday songs while we rode.  Then we went to the Lego store to pick out his own present.  If you know my child at all, you know of his obsession with anything having to do with Legos or Star Wars so I knew this would be a hit.  The people at the Lego store were wonderful–they gave him a shirt, decorated his bag, and took pictures for us!

As you can see, Trey was wiped out and managed to get a little nap in on the way to his birthday party in Guntersville.  His first choice was bowling….but that just wasn’t going to work so his next choice was O’Charleys’s (he asked if he could have some rolls.)  We opened presents, ate cake and were super excited and surprised when Jeffrey showed up halfway through the party!  Overall it was a wonderful day, Trey and I had so much fun together and with our family….but especially with Jeffrey!


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