Beach Trip


With all of the stuff Trey and I have going on around here it seems like Spring break was so long ago…and it kinda was in the blogging world.  We’ll just ignore that little tidbit though.  My parents were great enough to get my grandparents’ condo for the week and we all headed down to Fort Walton.  Trey, Nana, Doc, Cece and myself all had a pleasant, although chilly, little getaway.  I have to say that it came at the perfect time for me.  Jeffrey had only been gone for a couple of weeks and I was really struggling with being alone so much.  The beach trip with all of the family time really helped re-energize me for the weeks to come.

Even with some chilly weather it was still very pleasant most of the time.  We only made one trip out to the beach (I think Trey is taking after me and can only tolerant so much sand in one trip) but several to the pool and to the shuffle board court.    I think we all really enjoyed just sitting out on the balcony and enjoying the gorgeous scenery.  My dad was so sweet and made sure that Trey was never bored.  They built sandcastles, swam in the ocean and the pool, learned to play shuffle board, went shopping (for vacation cereal), played at McDonald’s and we all went bowling on a rainy day.  Unfortunately I think Trey and I passed a tummy bug to the rest of the gang so we did all of these great things while recovering.  🙂

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family.  I don’t know what I would have done without their support during these past six weeks.  God is good…all the time!

What’s a sand castle for…..if not to be destroyed.

The water was so beautifully clear and calm the day we made it to the beach–I loved it!

Doc teaching Trey to play shuffle board ~ Cece and Trey on our rainy day bowling trip

Aren’t my parents just adorable? ~ Waiting at the greatest beach restaurant ever, The Red Bar


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