We’re Going on an Egg Hunt…


Well, we actually already did go on an egg hunt….many of them.  Since we dyed eggs with Meriel when she came to visit the weekend before Easter we have been hunting eggs at my house and Doc and Cece’s house and at school.  My child makes me laugh, I love it.  He has enjoyed all of the egg hunting we have been doing this past week.  The one I was most excited about was the one in Guntersville.  Unfortunately it rained so they did it inside the gym and sadly there were not many places to hide eggs there.  At one point when they were hiding eggs for Trey’s age group he said, “Look mommy, they’re playing soccer with the eggs” which was basically the teenage guy way of scattering plastic eggs across a gym floor….and once again making me laugh at his adorable-ness.

Another added bonus was getting to see some of our great friends and their children at the egg hunt.  Trey had a blast running around with Aiden and it was nice to see them not fighting half of the time for once!  🙂

About to hunt some eggs, or rather pick them up off the gym floor

Trey thought it was quite amusing to pretend he was an Easter basket…whatever makes them happy I guess!


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