I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter yesterday!  Trey and I sure did.  I ended up going to an evening service by myself the night before Easter and was so blessed by it.  It was a small crowd and I felt that it was so much more intimate than it would have been Sunday morning….for me anyway.  I did send Trey to Genesis with Jeffrey’s family Easter Sunday though.  He loves going to church with Meriel!

With Jeffrey being in Boston our family is what is keeping me from losing it!  It has been so wonderful to be surrounded by family and yesterday was so special because both my family and his all went to lunch together at the state park.  With the exception of Jeffrey’s absence, I could not think of another way I would have wanted to spend the day celebrating God’s wonderful gift to us.  It’s amazing how He is constantly blessing us!

I can’t believe how big my little guy is getting!  I’m dreading next week….the 6th birthday!

I love the thumbs up…I think he was counting.  Trey and Cece with the sun in their eyes…but isn’t the background unreal?

Ace, Coco, Meriel and Trey after lunch at the state park


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