Vacation Cereal


I know that the name of my blog makes absolutely no sense to most people…and that’s okay with me.  But, in case you were wondering, here you go.  I didn’t really want our last name posted all over the place considering I share so many other details about us and needed to come up with some kind of name for our blog.  I’m absolutely horrible at this type of thing so Jeffrey helped me out and told me to come up with something funny Trey said, did or liked.  The first thing that came to mind was “Vacation cereal.”  With my dad being a dentist, growing up we didn’t get to have many sweets around our house.  When my family went on vacation we sometimes got some special treats…one of them being the fun, sugary cereals we always saw on tv but never got to eat at home.  We have kinda carried that funny tradition to our little family.  I know we are not the healthiest people in the world but I try to stay away from all of that sugary goodness on a regular basis.  Trey eats Cheerios or bagels most mornings for breakfast but always looks forward to carefully picking out and eating his “vacation cereal” when we go on a trip.  For our trip to the beach last week his pick was Froot Loops.  (I thought it was even more cute that it was my dad, the dentist, who took him to the store to pick it out!)

So now you know…even if you couldn’t have cared less.  🙂


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