We’re moving….again!


We are moving once again but this time to Boston!  Jeffrey got a great new job and is heading up there very soon while Trey and I will be joining him in a few months.  I have to admit that I was a little anxious about moving so far away from everything and everyone we know but we are so excited about going to a big city.  And I thought Auburn was far away!  As some of you may already know, Jeffrey lived in Boston while he was in middle school with his family. For our 5 year wedding anniversary we had the opportunity to visit Boston and Jeffrey got to show Trey and me some of his favorite things about living there.  He has always talked about living up there again some day and now we have the chance.  I, on the other hand, have live in small towns in Alabama my whole life so this is going to be quite a change for me but certainly a welcome one!

I just can’t wait to see what God has in store for our family as we make this big move.  So far things have been rolling right along.  Jeffrey has found a FREE place to stay until Trey and I are able to join him (which is such a blessing),  I was able to sell my car almost effortlessly last week and our house is already on the market.  Now we just have to say a prayer that our house will sell!

This pic is on the T in Boston on the way to our 5 year anniversary dinner

Trey and Jeffrey at the Science Museum in Boston

He was so little then!


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