Basketball Fun…or not


Trey has been begging me to take him to a basketball game.  I took him to one last year with my parents and he had a good time so I figured this would be a fun thing to do together.  I even managed to get Jeffrey to come along.  We went to a women’s game on a Sunday afternoon because we don’t really care about the game itself and didn’t want to mess with the crowds.  Unfortunately, Trey didn’t have much fun….at all…..and it made for a disappointing night.  Next time we’ll have to remember to bring enough cash to get some popcorn because the snacks in my bag weren’t good enough apparently.  I was so upset because we were all really looking forward to this!

The first little bit Trey was in a good mood though and I managed to get a few cute pictures.  Not sure I want to remember it though….or maybe this will be us remember the fun part.  🙂  I love our little guy and he can be so sweet when he wants!


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