That’s the name of our new friend and it’s easy to see where he got his name once you look at him.  Jeffrey had to work most of the day Saturday so I was left to find something to do with Trey away from home.  Lucky for us, a $12 off coupon to Build-a-Bear came in the mail the day before and that gave me an idea.  Between the awesome coupon and a contribution from my parents we got out of there really cheap!  We headed over to Montgomery and had to build Peace right away (of course!) and then we had some lunch and roamed the mall stopping to ride the carousel and get a punch ball.  I had forgotten how fun those things can be!  Trey saw the ice skating rink in the mall and wanted to go but I reminded him that my ice skating skills were lacking and we’d have to wait on Ms. Kathy or Daddy to make the trip with us.

Unfortunately the new stuffed animal is about the only peace we get around  here!  We just have too much going on lately and poor Jeffrey has been busy, busy, busy.  I’ll cross my fingers and a say and prayer that things slow down around here soon!

Our new friend Peace

Trey was thrilled to find a Super Mario beanie….but we decided to leave it there.  🙂


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