More Christmas…


I know it’s over a week since Christmas and I should have already posted these but our internet has been out for two weeks and the guy just came to fix it this morning.  I wasn’t sure what to do without the internet…isn’t that sad?  Anyway- we are just getting settled back into our home after being at our parents’ for a while over the holidays.

My sweet husband did all he possibly could to give me a wonderful birthday (Dec. 18). I even had a birthday week where I got a little present every day and the big present on my birthday.  He worked that morning then we packed up and headed to Guntersville where we had pizza and cake with my family for dinner and settled in for our long stay.

I have to say it was an interesting Christmas season for us though I won’t go into detail about that at the moment.  We had lots of family gatherings….three in one day even and Nana got a pacemaker put in and came home on Christmas eve.  Trey got lots of great stuff (even though he had only asked for two things) thanks to our large extended family.  He has had a blast playing with all of his Star Wars stuff, watching UP and digging up dinosaurs.  We almost didn’t have room in the car for all of the new stuff!  This was also my first Christmas doing a lot of the cooking on my side of the family and wow is that stressful!  I didn’t mind doing it because  there was so much other stuff going on but 0you wonder why people work so hard cooking and don’t just enjoy the day instead.  But then again I am the kind of person who constantly has to be doing something.  Nevertheless, lunch was great and we are so thankful we got to spend time with our friends and family over the holidays.  Here are a few pictures from our stay.

Christmas Eve at the Chupp’s

My mom and dad’s Christmas card picture….He just had to get Junior in there

Christmas morning – we even managed to get these before he opened any presents!

Trey with the gingerbread house “we” made and Vader and Obi-wan dueling it out on Christmas morning


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