Christmas Fun


Christmastime brings parties….and Trey had his at school yesterday. Santa showed up to read the kids a book and give them a treat but Trey was not the least bit impressed. The Santa came up while the kids were outside playing and they all went running to him. A minute later Trey comes back to me and says, “That is not the real Santa!” I said, “What makes you think that?” and he responded “he has rubber bands holding his beard on!” I couldn’t stop laughing. My child cracks me up! Later on that day Trey referred to him as “that dad santa” because one of his classmates’ dad played the role.

After the whole Santa thing his class did their book exchange which was adorable and had their little party. When it came time to leave Trey did not want to take his ornaments off the tree so we could put them on our tree at home. He said if we took all the ornaments the tree wouldn’t be beautiful anymore. 😦

Backing up a few days, on Sunday we got to go to Andrew’s hooding ceremony in Atlanta. We were so glad he was able to get some extra tickets so we could attend. We are so proud of him and all of his hard work! On a side note….don’t ever use the elevators in the Rialto Center parking deck with small children in tow! Whew…scary story for another time.


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