So, Christmas is here quite yet but I sure am ready for it! So is our little guy…he can’t wait! He has loved having Santa’s elf in the house since Thanksgiving and finding the crazy places our elf hides so he can keep an eye on Trey. Jeffrey and I like to us it as a nice reminder to Trey when he starts to act up. 🙂

Thankfully I got all of the decorations up and my shopping done before Thanksgiving so it’s nice to not have that to worry about that. Other than normal, busy holiday stuff we haven’t had too much excitement around here….yet. Trey has a few school programs next week we are looking forward to, Andrew’s graduation is this weekend and next weekend we get to party for my birthday! Then we celebrate Jesus’ birthday…yay!

For now I just wanted to share a sweet picture of Trey riding the carousel in Birmingham. (I love that they change the horses to reindeer for Christmas!)

Oh, and one of our elf looking pretty creepy…Jeffrey was rather proud of the creepiness content of this pic.


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