Giving Thanks


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day and weekend. Jeffrey, Trey and I got to celebrate with both of our families…unfortunately the camera never made it out of the bag in Guntersville. It’s a shame too because we had some fun times!

I have always wanted to do a holiday meal at our house but it never made sense with both of our parents having more room….so when my parents started talking about coming down early for the Iron Bowl I started thinking.  They came down Tuesday night and we got to hang out with them for a while Wednesday.  My parents and grandmother ended up coming over to our house Thursday morning and we got busy cooking. My dad fried some yummy turkey and the ladies took care of the rest in the kitchen. We had a great meal, visited and decorated our Christmas tree before cleaning up and heading to Guntersville for Thanksgiving dinner with Jeffrey’s family, plus a few.

The weekend was a relaxing and needed break. We spent time together as a family and ate lots of good food. It’s always fun to see Trey and Meriel play together but it’s too bad they don’t get to do it more often. They had a good time though and Trey especially enjoyed decorating his gingerbread men again this year (no pictures this time though) and going to see Planet 51 with Andrew and Meredith.  Thanks for that again guys!  It was sad leaving but it was a little easier knowing we would be back soon.

In all the fun and excitement though, I have to say the highlight of the day was Andrew (Jeffrey’s brother) and Meredith’s announcement that they are expecting a sweet little baby in May! We are so excited for them and cannot wait to meet the little one. I do have to say one thing to them though…..I hate to tell you, but you can’t change the grandparents’ names! They will always be Ace and Coco! (please)

Mom and Dad cooking away and the whole gang sitting down for Thanksgiving lunch

I love how they both look like they are in such deep thought about which ornament to put on next


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