Happy Birthday Mom!


This post is a little late but at least we celebrated her birthday on time.  I always have a hard time finding birthday presents for my mom.  It don’t just want to get her anything, I want it to be special and mean something.  So this year I did something a little bit different.  My mom is a great artist.  I use to look at her sketch books from when she was younger and she was always painting something when I was little.  It has been quite a while since I’ve seen her paint though, so after going to Sips n’ Strokes a few months back with a friend I knew it would be the perfect surprise for mom.  I picked her and one of her friends up from their happy hour with their friends and swept them away to grab a pizza and go paint.  We ate our pizza while we waited on everyone to settle in and then got to work….with a few glasses of wine along the way.  I think she had a really great time and we all left with a fun Christmas painting.  We celebrated with orange and blue cake the next day.  🙂

Mom and Gail ready to go!

Mom and me

Mom hard at work on her awesome painting

Gail, Mom and Me with our masterpieces!


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