The past few weeks have been crazy busy! There has been so much going on between soccer games, Halloween, my parents being in town and celebrating my mom’s birthday this past weekend. It was all fun but boy am I glad to be able to relax a little bit!

Since my parents have been in town they got to share in all of our Halloween festivities. They helped carve our pumpkins (Mom made an awesome R2-D2 one), joined in the downtown trick-or-treat Thursday night and attended his school puppet show and soccer games. Trey has loved them being here and Jeffrey and I have appreciated all their help! We were even able to enjoy a cheap Chinese dinner out tonight thanks to them taking him to the theater to see Astroboy. 🙂

pp2 pp3

About to go on his pumpkin hunt to find the littlest pumpkin…..which he managed to do with the goofiest little grin.

pp1 pumpkins1

Playing on the hay at the pumpkin patch while we waited on the hayride and Doc and Trey cleaning out pumpkins

pumpkins2 pumpkins3

Mom taking a break from R2-D2…..didn’t it turn out wonderful!

kirk ff2

Our little Captain Kirk….yes he does know who that is!

ff3 ff1

Downtown trick-or-treating with our little guy


Making our crunchy eyeball cookies with blue goo.

They were pretty gross but we had fun!


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