Wow…it’s really starting to feel like fall outside and I love it! I am not too sure about all this rain though.

We have been keeping fairly busy around here but I try to make sure we have plenty of down time together at home. I want us to go and do fun things but refuse to let myself be one of those people who stays so busy they can’t actually enjoy those around them. We have had school, soccer, a few trips to Guntersville and a wedding.

T is doing much better at soccer this year. He has gotten a good deal better at the actual game but it’s his attitude that has made all of the difference. Unfortunately he is an overly competitive child and we still have some issues but he seems to be able to put them aside on the field and have a good time. I’ll have to get some soccer pics up soon. Here is one of Trey and Aubie from the Auburn vs. LSU girls soccer game to hold you over.


I have to brag a little here about how well Trey is doing in school. He LOVES his new school and we have heard nothing but wonderful and positive things from his teachers. This is a definite improvement over last year. He is picking up on reading very quickly and comes home everyday telling me about what he learned, what the question of the day was and why he was a fabulous friend that day. After all of the debating and praying over where he needed to go to kindergarten, we can safely say that we made the best choice possible for our little guy. He is such a joy!
Guntersville and seeing our family is always fun. This past weekend we went back to attend the wedding of someone I’ve been friends with since we were babies. I haven’t seen her much lately but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I only shed a few tears. We have a great time at the wedding but there was a definite highlight at the reception. Trey asked, “Cece, will you dance with me.” Oh…how sweet. My parents and I also got to see people we haven’t seen in years and had an awesome time catching up.


Trey and Cece dancing…


Prince and me (at least she looks beautiful. not sure what I’m doing!)


Trey and Cece feeding the birds from their porch.


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