This past weekend was a fun one….just a long one for all of us.  I am so proud of my wonderful husband.  He worked for 48 hour straight (well, except for a few hours of sleep) on a project this weekend.  He came out with a finish, functional and practical app which is more than some of the people in the competition he was in can say.  Good for you babe!

While he was doing that Trey and I got as far away as we could.  Since Jeffrey was programming all weekend and we didn’t want to distract him Trey and I did all sorts of fun things.  Saturday, bright and early, we left for Birmingham.  I have been wanting to take Trey to the McWane center since spring and never got around to doing it until now.  He loved it!  We were there for three hours and I had to drag him out because it was almost 2:00 and we still hadn’t eaten lunch.  We will definitely be going back there again!

science2 science4 science science3


From there we had lunch at Johnny Rockets and played with the broken juke boxes while we waited on our food.  It’s an old 50’s style diner with juke boxes at each table, the old booths and stools, and the staff wears white and the cute little hats.  Now I’m not a big hamburger fan but the one I got from there was pretty awesome.  It made me think of Jeffrey…..and his inability to eat them.  😦

lunch lunch2

After our late lunch we headed to a paint your own pottery place.  This is also something I have wanted to do for quite a while but the closest ones I could find were Atlanta and Birmingham.  If anyone knows of one closer please let me know!  If any of you know me, you also know there is not an artistic bone in my body.  I have some great ideas sometimes but they never seem to work out.  I think I did alright this time.  I chose an ornament and Trey chose to do a light switch cover for his room….and painted half of it pink.  Now I have to find another time to drive all the way to Birmingham to pick up our works of art.


Since we were staring at the entrance to Toys-r-us the whole time we were painting I had to take him there once we left the pottery place.  From there it was P.F. Chang’s to pick up food to take back to Jeffrey Sunday night, and on to Guntersville.  We stopped by our friends Daniel and Selah’s house and visited for a while and then surprised Ace and Coco who were gracious enough to let us bunk at their house on very short notice.   Sunday Trey and I got to visit with my grandmother for quit a while.  We took her to lunch after church and hung out at her house until it was safe to head back home…if we left too early we would get home and distract Jeffrey from programming right at the last minute.  So, lots of driving and making stuff up as we went but also tons of fun.



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