Disney World!


So I know it’s been a while since I last posted but I have a kinda good reason…First we went to Disney World for a week and then I dreaded (and put off) the thought of uploading all the pictures so I could write about it. 🙂

We had such an awesome time and it was both Jeffrey and Trey’s first time at Disney World ever! The opportunity to go came at the perfect time. Trey is just big enough to ride a good number of the rides and for all of us to actually enjoy it. The crowds were not bad at all either. I have to admit that the first two days with Trey were a little frustrating because we would get off a ride and he would be ready to go home. He did not get the fact that we were going to be there ALL day. Every day to him is fun; he is in his own little world and can have fun playing with a piece of paper for all he cares. Once he kinda got into it though he quit asking to go home as much and had tons of fun. We were even able to go back to all the parks and do his favorite rides twice the last two days.

So much fun…so many great memories….and a long time before we go back again. It was great but boy did it wear us out!

Knowing when you go on a long trip you are going to leave something you really need, I was not looking forward to that moment of realization when it dawned on me what I had left. Halfway to Orlando I figured out it was my camera charger. My camera was less than half charged when we left but it lasted the whole seven day trip without even getting in the red. Whew! Here are just a few of our many great pictures.

mk1 mk goofy viking cars safari

With Lightning McQueen and Mater and later on a Safari

mikr hat

He didn’t want to get too close to Mike but he sure was happy to meet him

vader tram

Ha! We come home from Disney World with Star Wars guys….forget Goofy and Mickey!

A rare moment where he wanted me to take his picture!


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