Trey Days


I had plans the past few Tuesdays for our fun days…but my plans weren’t  in Trey’s book apparently. Since Tuesday is all about him we skipped out on my plans and did what my little guy wanted. So we basically hung around the house and played most of the day. After his nice afternoon nap we headed over to the local inflatables place where he had a blast (for 2 weeks in a row he liked it so much). I didn’t get to jump and slide with him but I sure did love getting to watch him have such a good time.

This Tuesday we had lots more to do but unfortunately not all fun stuff. We had tons of errands to run and groceries to buy. We did manage to get in some UNO games and make it to a movie. Trey had been wanting “Aliens in the Attic” so that is what we did. It doesn’t hurt that Tuesdays are “Stimulus” days at our local theater so drinks and popcorn are only a $1 each. It was a really cute movie and we had a great time together.

After the movie we went back home and played for a while until his little attitude he’s had lately kicked in and it really made me sad. After a spanking and a talk with mom and dad he cleaned up his act (for the night anyway). I don’t know where this came from but I want it gone! My sweet little boy has started talking backing and telling me “no” WAY too much for my liking. This is something we are working on though.  Any advice people?


Trey in the fort we made in his room. He insists on sleeping in there for now.


Trey showing off his “Aliens in the Attic” ticket- he loved it!


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