This week has been a different one for sure. Trey hasn’t been here! It’s so strange without him running around, making us laugh, and occasionally being difficult. While Jeffrey and I are enjoying having time with each other, we most definitely miss our little guy. He is at camp meeting with Jeffrey’s mom, sister and one of his friends from Guntersville. I know he is having a blast so I try to focus more on that than how much I miss him.

Since Trey isn’t here this week we didn’t get to have our normal Tuesday fun but last Tuesday was awesome. We went over to the Montgomery Zoo and I actually believe it was Trey’s first trip to a zoo anywhere. How awful is that? The poor child is 5! As far as zoos go….it was not that great but Trey and I had a ton of fun. I had checked the weather the night before and everything was clear. As we were driving over I noticed big, dark clouds but I was determined not to let that stop us. I grabbed the umbrella and stuck it in my bag. We wandered around for a few hours and right as we were about to leave it started POURING down rain. We got absolutely drenched even with the umbrella. So drenched that he had to get some new clothes. He loved it though and thought getting to run around in the rain was one of the greatest things he had ever done. After the zoo we made our way over to the mall, grabbed some greasy pizza for lunch and went to Build-A-Bear. I realized how different my child and I are when he insisted on getting the cheapest bear possible. Then he snuggled up with “Best Buddy” on the way home for a quick nap.

All-in-all it was a fantastic day…even with the rain. I love my Tuesdays with Trey!

ropes elephants

Trey on the playground at the zoo and  He really liked the elephants. Especially the baby one chasing the bird.

wet lunch

Trey loving the fact he was soaked  and Lunch with my little guy

bb out

Proud of the bear he had made and Worn out from a long day


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