Of course we try to have fun every day but Tuesdays are my special day with Trey.  I always look forward to them even if he has no idea what’s going on.  We do little silly things and spend time together just the two of us.  A few weeks ago we started our day off with a trip to the doughnut shop here in Auburn then made our way to the park to play and collect rocks, the library, and a few more places.  Then we did some fun arts and crafts and made milkshakes.  I’m not very good at these sorts of things but try for his benefit.  I guess the point is that we have a good time….and we did!  We made some bean bags out of balloons which was hilarious to him, blew up balloons and played “don’t let the balloon touch the ground” and then made a pretend fish tank.  (that’s where our rock collect came into play)

To the whole two people who read my blog this probably doesn’t sound very exciting.  Sorry if I wasted your time but it’s incredibly exciting for us…especially to a five year old!  The whole point of this blog is to keep up with fun, simply, everyday stuff that we do.  I’m not a scrapbooker….never have been and never will be, but this is my way of recording our journey.  So there you go….that was our Tuesday a few weeks ago.  Stay tuned for more fun and exciting terrific Tuesdays!


Trey in his hat from the Amish country (thanks Coco) and his pretend fish tank


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