Summer Fun


Wow.  You would think with it being summer that I would actually have time to write posts more often.  Unfortunately that is not the case at all!  We have been super busy.  Trey is loving summer.  It’s so funny because he loves it when he is at school and having a good time with all of his friends but he also loves to be at home.  Sometimes I guess he’s just done with other people and asks to go home.  This of course doesn’t help me decide at all about home schooling.  I guess he loves the best of both world.

Anywho….we have made a couple of trips back to Guntersville to visit with my parents before their big trip and there were a couple of surprises in store for Trey each time.  The first trip back my dad gave Trey an awesome Ed Hardy Pirates of the Caribbean remote control pirate ship.  It is awesome!  We took it to the lake for a test drive and it did not disappoint.  I was just concerned it would be lost at sea whenever a boat went by.  Needless to say it has made more than a few trips to our neighborhood pool since we brought it home.

ship2 ship

The other surprise has to stay at Doc and Cece’s but that doesn’t make it any less exciting.  Dad fixed up Adam and my old jeep for Trey to drive and it was a hit.  It was so cute watching those two ride around in that thing and I have to say that I was pretty excited to get to drive it again too.

jeep jeep2


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