Last weekend we took a little trip over to Atlanta so see Andrew and Meredith.  Well….we actually went to a concert, let Andrew and Meredith babysit and then saw them the next day.  We love you guys!  They say they love keeping Trey but I can’t help but feel horribly guilty.  Literally every time we have visited with them they have kept Trey for us.  Isn’t that awful?  Trey loves visiting with them and we love that we get in some good quality time.  This time we kinda hung out at their place in the morning and Meredith made the most awesome breakfast.  She even made gluten-free pancakes and cupcakes for Jeffrey which we greatly appreciated and quickly enjoyed.  Then we went shopping for a while even though all any of us bought was candy.  After that was lunch and bowling.  Trey and Jeffrey kicked butt.  Jeffrey came in first and Trey was second over Andrew, Meredith and me.

We had such a blast….as usual.  You guys are the greatest!  Thanks!

hat fountain


bowling1 bowling3


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