Poor Jeffrey. His gluten-free diet can be so frustrating sometimes. I know I should do better and cook him goodies more often but….I’m me. I’m lucky to get an edible dinner on the table most nights. We’ve made brownies a few times but that’s about it. So, when I pulled out the cake and icing mix last night to whip up some gluten-free cupcakes, boy was he excited. I don’t think he’s had cake of any kind since we found out about his gluten allergy a few years ago. Isn’t that so sad? They turned out pretty well if you don’t count the runny icing. So here are Trey and Jeffrey enjoying my wonderful creation.


Trey also got a treat this week. Since we moved back in June his sandbox has just been sitting there empty. That is until the wind blew the cover off and it got filled with water. Well, I finally got all of the yucky stuff out and some sand in. He could not be happier. He played in his sandbox all by himself for a solid hour the other day and only stopped because I made him come inside. Now all we have to do is get the swing set that’s still in pieces put together and we’ll be set. 🙂



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