Spring Break!


Yay for Spring Break! We didn’t go very far but we sure had a great time and it was nice to relax and sleep a little later than normal. Just for the heck of it Trey and I headed to Guntersville for a few days. My parents were gone but we stayed at their house and got to visit with Jeffrey’s side of the family. Trey loved getting to play with Meriel and did a fantastic job helping me take care of the dogs.

Since it was Spring Break I wanted to something a little out of the ordinary so I took Trey to Callaway Gardens on Thursday. It was beautiful! The flowers were gorgeous and the weather could not have been more perfect. It’s so funny to me that everyone told me not to take Trey there. Everyone I talked to said there really wasn’t much there for kids to do and he would get bored. I decided that I knew my child a little better than they did and knew that as much as he loves flowers there was no better place to take him. He loved it! We were there for four and a half hours and we were both pooped by the time we left. He took me through the butterfly house a good four or five times, he got to hold a talking parrot and some hissing cockroaches, we went on a hike, saw the azalea bowl and log cabin, went to the vegetable garden and had lunch by the water (then fed our leftovers to the birds and fish). We will definitely go back again soon….maybe we can even bring Jeffrey along.

garden closeup

Trey at the vegetable garden and Trey and me at the butterfly house

bench bowl

Us at the little cottage at the vegetable garden and Trey at the azalea bowl

lunch meriel

Trey being adorable at lunch and Trey and Meriel


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