It snowed!!!


Last Sunday morning God gave us a beautiful gift.  We woke up to a winter wonderland with snow covering everything!  We had a good four or five inches at least on the ground.  Needless to say, Trey had a blast.  We bundled up and headed out to play.  We made a snowman, some snow angels and threw a few snowballs.  Jeffrey even got a few baking pans out for us to use as sleds.  Now that was fun!  I think that was Trey’s favorite thing by far.  It was so great to watch Trey’s sweet little face and see how much fun he was having.  We took a hot chocolate break to warm up a little but it didn’t last for long because Trey could not wait to get back out there.  The guys were able to stand the cold longer than I was and I headed in a few minutes earlier to watch from the window.  It was too cute to watch those two playing in the snow together.

That afternoon Trey and I joined Doc, Cece and Nana at the last girl’s basketball game of the season.  They had bouncy things set up and a guy who made balloon animals there too.  Trey opted out of the balloon animal though and asked for a sword instead.  He got it too.  It would be my child who held up his sword and yelled “ahoy” while everyone else was yelling “war eagle.”  That just Trey for you.  We even managed to catch one of the championship t-shirts that was thrown into the stands….in a 2x.  Trey insisted that he put it on.  At least he and Aubie matched when we went down to see him!

trey1 snowball1

Here he’s about to throw a snowball at me.  He missed…

snowman sled

My two guys making their snowman and Trey sledding.


Our snowman only had eyes.  😦

dc shirt

This would have been a great picture of the three of them if it weren’t for the sword…Ahoy!



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