“We went on an Adventure”


Last weekend we finally got around to heading to the state park here in Auburn. Don’t ask me to say it or spell it though. I had seen some pictures people had posted on facebook at the waterfalls and it seemed like a cool place. Jeffrey and Trey both love to climb on rocks so I figured this was something where we could all have fun. It was only about a five minute walk from the parking lot to the falls….ten or fifteen back up.

After we started walking around on the rocks and we had trouble getting Trey to sit down for our picnic we had packed. We finally convinced him to eat when I told him we could sit on one of the big rocks in the middle of the river and eat. After we ate we climbed around on the rocks for about an hour. Jeffrey and Trey were like mountain goats jumping around on those things but I was slightly more cautious. Trey impressed us both with how fearless he was.

After we looped around on the rocks and river bank we headed back home for a nap. Trey almost refused to leave but we promised we would take him back on another “adventure” as he called it and have a BIG picnic. I’m not sure what a big picnic consists of but I guess I should have it figured out before our next “adventure” at the state park. Trey really was so cute because you could see how much fun he was having just by watching him play. For days he went around telling people “We went on an adventure.”


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