Lots of love


We have just had the best time the past week or so. Things were super busy there for a while but now they have calmed down a lot. In fact, we have nothing at all to do this weekend. We might go for a hike…Anyway, we made another trip or two to the park which is always fun. The weather has just been so beautiful I find myself shoving Trey out the door so we can enjoy the beautiful weather before it gets all cold again.


Last weekend we went to Guntersville to help Ace (Jeffrey’s dad) celebrate his 50th birthday. It was a huge party and we all had a great time. There were tons of kids there so Trey had plenty to do. He got to see his cousin Eli and dance with Meriel. Somehow he even managed to get a balloon out of it.


party2 party3

We only stayed in Guntersville one night since Saturday was Valentines day. We headed back home Saturday morning and made a stop in Birmingham at Whole Foods. That is the greatest store EVER bye the way. The variety is so overwhelming…but I’m not complaining. We got there around lunch time so we went through and got lunch first. After we sat down and ate we went through again and got our food to take home.

Jeffrey and I really don’t make a big deal out of Valentines day. He calls it a “Halllmark holiday” and thinks it’s pretty silly. We don’t do much for each other but I kinda play it up for Trey because he really enjoys it. Doc and Cece also came up with a little Valentines surprise for him. Anyway, since I can remember we haven’t gone out for Valentines. We have a nice candle-light dinner at home…plus Trey. We just figure why spend a ton of money going out and paying a babysitter when we can have just as much fun or more at home for a ton cheaper. Thus, the detour to Whole Foods.


Trey with his balloons from Doc and Cece

The past few days themselves have been fun as well. Trey came down with pink eye which was quite pitiful. We had to stay home from school yesterday which made him even more sad but we were thankfully able to return today to celebrate the 100th day of school. I also just ran across a CD of the alphabet songs he has been learning at school and boy does he love that. He has listened to it non-stop the past few days. He sits at the counter writing his letter while he sings the song for that letter. It’s pretty adorable if you ask me….


Singing and writing….he’s so sweet


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