Parties and Picnics


The past few week have been pretty busy. Trey had a field trip to the Sports Academy which was tons of fun. Unfortunately I forgot my camera for that. Then we had a couple of birthday parties to go to. Trey loves going to these things but I’m not quite as excited as he is because I don’t know any of the people there….but at least he has a great time. If I can keep finding great gifts for great prices like I have lately it isn’t that expensive to keep going to the parties either. I’m so proud of myself! The one last week was a bowling party which Trey thought was fantastic and today’s was just at one of his friends’ house.

Trey was also the banner carrier at school this past week. That was a pretty big deal for him and he did an awesome job carrying it. It’s so fun to be there with him during chapel because he sings his little heart out. Trey loves to sing…all of the time….but he must get it from his grandfather because Jeffrey and I certainly don’t like to sing in public.

This past week has been super cold, well cold for around here anyway, and we haven’t gotten to play outside much. I saw that the temperature was suppose to be in the 60’s today so Trey and I planned a picnic in the park. He was so excited about our little picnic and trip to the park. My friend Casey called this morning and wanted to get together so we swung by and picked her up on our way. The park was packed today which was great because it gave Trey plenty of other kids to play with. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day!

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks.

bowling banner sofa

This was last night when Trey wanted to cuddle in my lap.  He never does that anymore!  I loved it!

park park2

picnic picnic2

At the park for our picnic


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