Adam is home!


My older brother Adam is home but unfortunately it’s only for a visit. You take what you can get though. None of my family has seen him in over a year since he moved out to Portland. We miss him tons and we were so glad to see him this week. (We’re going to see him again this weekend before he heads back too.) I thought it would take Trey some time to warm up since it’s been so long but thankfully I was wrong. Here are a few pictures I managed to get.

at trey

Trey and Adam 🙂

family atj

The whole gang (dogs and all) Notice Trey’s strained face. Me- “Smile big Trey.” Trey- “Like this!”


This is his “I refuse to let you get a decent picture of me” face. Nice huh?

I just love the “jester hat” as he calls it.


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