Ice Skating and Basketball


Last weekend Trey got to go ice skating for the first time. Well, second if you ask him since he counts the time in Mrs. Bella’s class that they skated around on paper plates. He only skated for about ten or fifteen minutes but seemed to have a really good time. I’m not that good myself so it was a good thing Miss Kathy came with us to help out.

skates skating carousel

About to head to the ice! Miss Kathy skating with Trey The carousel just behind the ice rink. It was a good day for Trey.

My parents came into town for a basketball game and we decided to go with them. I’ve been meaning to take Trey to one and he had a pretty good time. It was just a little to close to bed time. Trey really wanted to go towards the end but that didn’t stop him from wanting to go down to the court and see Aubie. There was a nice guy he went and got Aubie for us. That made Trey super happy and I even got to take a picture. Too bad it turned out so awful but I’m putting it on here anyway just because Trey liked it so much. Trey said “Aubie felt funny. He was fuzzy. That made the picture fuzzy.” I thought that was adorable.

popcorn aubie


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