The rest of Christmas….


So, I finally got the pictures off my awesome new camera and onto the computer. How this excites me! It took some pretty good pictures and I never would have gotten the one of just Trey with my old camera. It was way too slow. I was glad to finally get some pictures of Trey with Meriel, Ace and Coco together. Somehow I don’t have a ton of pictures of them. 😦

I think the one of Trey playing Mouse Trap is hilarious. He loves winning but he gets rather mad when he doesn’t so sometimes we have to….take a break. Sportsmanship is something we’re working on. I also think it’s funny because it reminds me that when the grandparents asked us what Trey would want for Christmas we told the Mouse Trap, Chutes and Ladders, OR a transformer and he ended up with all three things. But hey, who can blame people who want to spoil their great-grandchildren.

We got a bunny! If I haven’t already mentioned it in my last post. This was a very exciting thing for us. Jeffrey is very insisted that we cannot have a dog so we got a bunny insead. It is absolutely adorable and Trey love to play with it. The past week it’s name has been “Bunny” because we wanted to make sure it was given a name we would want to keep for a while. Yesterday it got the name “Teddy.” I’m not sure where he came up with that but he was very insistent the whole time. I’m sure you will see many more pictures of Trey and Teddy.  I have to go now though because we have to go to the store and buy a new Wii remote sensor to replace the one the bunny chewed through.  Fun times!

jula jeff

On my parents’ awesome back porch. It has such a beautiful view!

mom-and-dad hiding

Mom and Dad on Christmas morning and Trey trying to hide from my fast new camera. (hehehe)

meriel ace-and-coco

Trey with Meriel and Trey with Ace and Coco on Christmas day

trap bunny

Trey loving the fact that he just won Mouse Trap. Now that’s a blast from the past! Trey playing with out cute new bunny


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