Christmas 2008


Oh what fun we had! Christmas was so much fun this year. This is the first year we have not lived in Guntersville (where all of our family lives) for Christmas. I thought it would be more difficult than it was but with Jeffrey having so much time away from work we were able to stay a while and enjoy ourselves. It also helps that our parents both have plenty of room for us to have some space. We made the trip back, stayed for four days and managed to fit in way too many family gatherings. It wore Trey and me out…..Jeffrey seemed to do fine with it though. It was great to see our families though and we had a really good time.

This year we all three got what we wanted and all I can say about that is we’re getting nothing next year. All Trey wanted was “the racing game at the store with the yellow sign.” That would be Mario Kart on the Wii from Best Buy. Those darn displays. I just wanted money to save up to buy a nice camera and ended up getting the camera. I can’t complain about that but I never knew taking a picture could be so complicated. Jeffrey wouldn’t tell anyone anything that he wanted so I took it upon myself to just assume that he would secretly want the new Blackberry touch phone. I assumed correctly.

I only have a few pictures right now because I can’t seem to get my new camera to connect with my computer yet. But here are a few from the old one.  Christmas eve Trey got to take a bath in Doc and Cece’s new tub.  He loved that.  You could barely see him for all the bubbles.  The others are of Trey waiting so patiently with daddy for his big surprise, guessing what was behind my back, finding the “Wii demote” as he calls it, opening Mario Kart from Doc and Cece, and finally getting to play his Wii.  He was one happy little boy…..then my parents got addicted to it.  I think they might have to get one now.

bath waiting guessing

remote mario wii


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