The walls are blue!


Well, just in the hall bathroom anyway.  I’ve wanted to do some painting in our house since we moved in but I just haven’t been motivated enough until now.  Funny how I had all summer and right now at the holidays I decide it’s a good time.  Oh well.  The walls in our hall bathroom are now a beautiful blue thanks to a family effort.  I am very unhappy with Home Depot though.  When I was picking out which color paint I wanted I checked into the “Fresh Air” paint that doesn’t have all of the bad odors and stuff that regular paint has.  I was checking out my color options (which were disappointingly small) and Trey says “I want to help you paint mommy.  I’m good at painting.”  I told him that I knew he did a lot of painting at school but that I should probably paint the wall myself.  Then he said “well that little boy is painting the walls.”  I look up and sure enough there is a picture of a woman and little boy happily painting a wall.  Thanks a lot!  Well we move on from there and while I’m looking at other brands Trey says “I want to paint my room orange!  Look!”  Thanks as well to Disney and their line of paints who have many bright colors of paint….including orange.  So, needless to say we’re going to hold off on Trey’s room for a while.  We did let Trey help a little bit with the bathroom without any major catastrophes.


We also got around to making our gingerbread house the other night.  I actually bought the kit before Thanksgiving because we were at the store, it was on sale, Trey saw it and I knew we’d get one anyway.  He hounded us for days before we went out of town of Thanksgiving to make it but we told him we had to wait.  Apparently the wait was worth it because he had such a good time.  It’s a little rough looking but that’s not the point….right?

ghouse trey


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