Thanksgiving in Guntersville was so much fun. It felt like we were there for forever but it was definitely worth it.  We got to visit with our friends and their children and just relax for a while on Wednesday. Of course Thursday was crazy. Isn’t it always? My parents were heading out of town Thursday afternoon so instead of cooking a big meal we headed up to the Guntersville State Park for Thanksgiving lunch. They have an amazing buffet if you’re interested but be prepared to wait a while.  There were plenty of things to keep us (meaning Trey) busy while we waited. There was a player piano that we spent a good 30 minutes staring at and then the balcony that looks out over the lake proved entertaining as well.  Here’s a few pictures from our fun-filled lunch.

cece doc me us

After lunch with my family we headed down the street to Jeffrey’s parents’ to start cooking for Thanksgiving dinner. I found a really great gluten free dressing and gravy recipe for Jeffrey and cooked that for him. It turned out really well and everyone seemed to like it. I was pretty proud considering I don’t consider myself much of a cook. We had a great time with his family and some of their friends from church. There were actually a couple of people we went to high school with there and despite disliking high school (for me at least) so much we really enjoyed getting caught up with them.

Friday we went to see Bolt. Trey got it in his head that that’s when we were going to take him and somehow I guess that made it easier to figure out what to do with half of our day. Meriel, Andrew, Meredith, Trey and I all went to see that while Jeffrey took his computer and did some work at Starbucks. It made me so sad that he had no interest at all in seeing it. Oh well. You’ve got to pick your battles I guess.


Trey with his 3-D glasses for Bolt

Saturday was pretty lazy. We made a hand puppet with Meredith, had lunch with Jeffrey’s family and then headed back to the Chupp’s so Trey and Meriel could decorate some gingerbread men. Then it was the horrible Auburn vs. Alabama game (we had to watch at my parent’s house because we don’t get local channels at home.) I didn’t mean to watch until the end but I got caught up cleaning my parent’s house and just couldn’t stop. Needless to say we got back to Auburn super late.

So, long story short, we didn’t do anything incredibly exciting but that’s okay because we really enjoyed spending time with our families. That’s what made it such a wonderful week and made me remember everything that I’m thankful for……family, friends, Jeffrey and Trey, and just where we are in our lives together.  It’s pretty wonderful.

puppet gingerbread-men

Trey pretending to be a snowman puppet.  He got really mad at us for this picture  😦



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