It’s Christmas time… wait…Thanksgiving


Well, Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet and we have already started decorating for Christmas. Kinda sad huh? I just love Christmas decorations though….I mean who doesn’t? I figured since we have all of 1 (that’s correct – one) Thanksgiving decoration and no one is coming to our house to celebrate anyway that I might as well start putting up Christmas stuff. Today was full of Christmas fun. I finally got a tree for one which has been a sore subject since well…..since we got married. I found a great deal on one at Walmart and it actually looks wonderful all lit up with ornaments. I pulled out all the other stuff too and am working on getting it out.

I just wanted to post because it seems to me that this was the first time we’ve decorated our own tree together as a family. Trey had so much fun helping pick out and hang the ornaments. We even let him put the angel on top. Here are a few pictures I took to get everyone in the Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving!

tree ornaments

Trey couldn’t wait to unpack the tree Trey and Daddy hanging ornaments


Trey placing the angel on top (with a little help from daddy)

This has nothing to do with the rest of the post but Trey was just so proud of his creation. Here’s the tower Trey made last time we were at my parent’s house. He made me take a picture so we could show daddy.



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