Fun Times


We have done some pretty fun things this week and it has been a pleasant week for all of us. Last Sunday we decided to head over to Birmingham for lunch. It seems pretty silly but we drove for two hours to eat at P.F. Chang’s and then turned right back around and drove two hours back. When we got back in town I took Jeffrey to see the living room set I saw the day before and he bought it for me! I am so excited about it. It was the floor sample so it was big time on sale and then I got an extra 10% off that. I have been nagging him for six years for new furniture….I guess it finally worked! In all seriousness though it was an incredibly sweet thing for him to do (especially considering he didn’t even think we needed new furniture.)

After buying the furniture we raced home to change and then went to Trey’s end-of-the-season soccer party. He had a great time there and left with a trophy.

trophy coach

Trey getting his trophy….he carried it around for days                                                    Trey and his coach

The rest of the week wasn’t that eventful and that’s what is so exciting. Trey has started acting out a good bit and having some really ugly fits. We tried a few things that didn’t work and someone suggested a reward chart… Monday I went on a search for a reward chart. I found a really neat magnetic one too. We like to refer to it as more of a responsibility/chore chart but he does end up with a reward if he gets all of his smiley faces. We started it the day we got it and you know what……it was an amazing week. No fits or bouts of ugliness…nothing. Trey was back to his sweet little self again. Somehow he managed to get all of his smiley faces for all of his “responsibilities” for every day of the week so today we went and picked out a $5 toy at Target. Yes, I do realize that I am rewarding my child for something he should be doing anyway but we’re working on it. At least this is a step in the right direction.

Saturday was Auburn’s homecoming game. I knew tickets would be cheap and it wouldn’t be very crowded so it would be the perfect game to take Trey to. We headed into town and met my parents at the motorhome before walking over to the stadium. We didn’t even have to buy tickets–I just walked around holding Trey with one hand and two fingers up on the other and people were handing me tickets. It was great! Trey really enjoyed the game and spending time with Doc, Cece, and Nana and I only spent $8. Not bad. (Oh, and I ran into a teacher I use to work with at Huntsville High.) Anyway….here are a few pictures.

cece dad



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