Halloween 2008


Halloween was so much fun this year. This is the first year that Trey has gotten really excited about it and the he actually understood it a little bit better. He didn’t quite understand the whole concept of trick-or-treating until after he knocked on his first few doors…..after that there was no stopping him. It was also much more fun this year because of where we are. There is so much more going on here and between city and school stuff this week has been super busy. (Not to mention the trip back to Guntersville in the middle of the week to empty out the storage unit)

Trey decided that he wanted to be Skywalker after we looked through a catalog a few times. There were a few other things he picked first but I couldn’t bring myself to spend $90 on a costume so instead I told him what he could be and let him pick from that. I think he was pretty happy with what he got though. He even wore his costume around the house a few times before Halloween.

For some reason the city decided that trick-or-treating would be done on Thursday night instead of Friday so the first door we knocked on was pretty funny. The guy who answered the door just stared at us for a minute and said, “So, we’re trick-or-treating tonight huh?” I told him that’s what the city said and he just responded with “huh. Well I don’t have…..oh wait….” then Trey got a really large Reese’s cup which was the only candy the guy apparently had. After we left the guy jumped into his car and took off….I’m not sure if it was to escape the candy-seekers and get candy for them. Either way it was pretty funny. Friday was Trey’s school party, the Architecture School’s annual pumpkin carve and our Sunday School Halloween social. The pumpkin carve was really neat and I had a great picture of Trey with some pumpkins but accidentally deleted so his backside and blinking face are all you get from that.

Ready to go~ Action shot about the time he’d figured it out Pumpkin carve

Trey’s favorite pumpkin he insisted be included on here Face painting!

Starting the costume parade at school…..very exciting.


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  1. Hi Julia,
    It has been a long time since I have had contact with you. I read you posts so I have a sense of what and how you are doing. It is great that you take the time to keep this updated. Most people don’t. Trey is REALLY growing!
    I hope all is well and your holiday season is good. Drop me a line sometime and catch me up on you and your plans!

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