Last Saturday was a filled with tons of fun. Saturday morning we went to I think the first birthday party Trey has ever been invited to for a kid (well, besides his cousins). That’s kinda sad considering he’s four. Anyways, the party was at this really cool park in town. Not only were there great playgrounds but there was also train tracks the went around the entire park.  We got to ride on the train twice all around the park.  It was so cute and a ton of fun.  Here’s a picture of Trey riding the train.

After the party was of course lunch and nap time……but after that was something Trey has been looking forward to for a long time.  It was pumpkin carving time!  Trey and Jeffrey once again came up with the face (he decided on a scary one) and I just sat and watched.  We had three pumpkins of the front porch and Trey had to carve the biggest one of all.  I thought they did a great job and I was just excited to get the pumpkins seeds out to cook!

Just getting started……..                                                         Ready for trick-or-treaters!


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