Our Busy Week


This week has been a little bit busy but we have had a ton of fun. I already mention the Monday night soccer game where pretty much the whole family came. Tuesday night is soccer practice. Wednesday was a little slower but Thursday was a big day. Trey went on his first field trip with his preschool to the fire station. It was so much fun. The preschool is really close to the fire department so we just walked down the street. We got to go inside and see where they slept and ate and then got to see a fireman dress up in his gear. The kids did pretty well until the fireman turned on the air to his mask and then there was a crier. After that they got to go outside and talk to the firemen and climb on the truck. I of course got a million pictures but I’ll only share a few.

Trey in the back of the fire truck and then him with one of the nice firemen. I thought the fireman look like a kid himself but I don’t really have any room to talk…..

Thursday night was the “Family Fun Night” at the early ed center in town. It was silly stuff but we had a great time just being together as a family. There were definitely long lines everywhere but Trey was so patient while he waited. We had fun just watching him play. I just love being in a bigger town where there is almost always something going on. Maybe there were things going on in Guntersville that I just missed but I was more than likely too worn out from work to go to any of it.

This was actually one of the things you could use your tickets on. You walk up a hill with a box and then slide down on it. He really liked it though..

Then there was the train we just had to ride.  When we got back Trey was filthy so we got a quick bath then helped Jeffrey cook some macaroni and cheese. It was pretty sweet!

Yesterday we were planning on going to the Auburn and Arkansas game but I was just really not feeling that great and Trey said he didn’t want to go…..I of course already knew Jeffrey didn’t want to…..so we didn’t go. We’re going to make it to the homecoming game for sure…

So, in stead of going to the game we painted pumpkins, and not just any ordinary pumpkins but robot ones. One actually looks like a robot while the other one might keep people guessing. Trey did all of the painting though and Jeffrey and I just guided and smoothed some things out. It was really fun. I want to get a pumpkin to carve closer to halloween. I love taking the seeds out to cook and eat, they are really good with a little bit of salt and olive oil in a skillet. Anyway, here’s Trey hard at work!


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