Veggie Tales Live and the past few weeks…..


The past few weeks seem like such a blur. So much has been going on. My best friend from high school got married last weekend and I ended up being the “wedding coordinator” so last week and weekend were slightly crazy.

Trey is still loving preschool–don’t get that confused with “school” or he will correct you–even though he won’t tell us what he’s learning. Every now and then he starts singing a song about the days of the week or something though. It’s too cute. Soccer is going pretty well and much better than the start of the season. At this past Monday night’s game Trey had a crowd of people cheering just for him. Ace, Coco, and Meriel came to visit for the day and brought along a little guy who has been staying with them for about a week now. They were nice enough to put our tv on the wall above the mantle and it was wonderful getting to visit with them.  We don’t get back to Guntersville very often and we love having people come visit.  My parents made it to the game as well on their way back home from the beach.

Sunday was a special “Trey Day.”  There was a Veggie Tales live show at a church in Montgomery so we made the trip over for it.  Trey really didn’t know what to expect from it but once it started and Bob and Larry came out on stage all you could see on his sweet little face was pure amazement.  He was absolutely fascinated with all of the Veggie Tales characters being right there in front of him.  He figured out pretty quickly that there were people inside the costumes when he saw “feet under Mr. Lunt” but was okay with it.  We had a great day spending time together as a family and treating Trey to something extra special.

Trey and the Larryboy hat.  He liked it a lot.

Our little family….maybe at the intermission.  Trey was happier than he looks, I promise.

Here’s the picture of Junior Trey took.  He loves taking pictures!


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