Top Dog


Trey’s preschool class has a class pet (stuffed animal of course) that gets to go home for the weekend with the “top dog” for the next week. It’s Trey’s turn to be top dog and take care of Spot for the weekend. He also has to draw a picture of something he and Spot do each day and so far Spot has gone everywhere with us. Yesterday he went to the library with us and Trey drew a picture of that for Friday. Today we went into town and did a little bit of tailgating and participated in some of the game day stuff. I guess that’s the great thing about living in a college town…there’s always fun stuff going on. We did the same thing last weekend for the LSU game and just skipped going to the games. 🙂

Here is Trey and Spot drawing what they did in the “Top Dog” book. Trey is drawing them at the library with all of the books.

Here’s Trey at the Sports Illustrated tent for the AU vs Tennessee game

Mom and Trey playing football

Tailgating with the Auburn motorhome club. (Horrible picture of me but I love my baby!)

I’m not sure if I mentioned that Trey’s first soccer game didn’t go so well. People kept telling me “oh, he’s four, he’ll catch on” but it wasn’t like that at all. He had some major fits on the middle of the field that were incredibly frustrating for Jeffrey and me. He did learn how to wait his turn to play but he got made when he couldn’t get to the ball and because he ran so much slower than everyone else that he couldn’t keep up and…..Anywho, the game this past week was so much better. We had talked about trying his best no matter what and even bribed him by saying that if he did really well we’d take him to get ice cream afterwards. He did so great, was a great sport and we were so proud of our boy! On our way to Bruster’s we passed Tom and Kathy (Jeffrey’s boss and his girlfriend/our friends) and they decided to join us. Trey loved this because he just thinks the world of them (and their dog Hannah).

Tom, Trey, Hannah and Kathy


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